Secrets to staying sane while working from home with dogs

Working from home with your dog: Set boundaries, entertain your dog, and train him to understand the new normal.

The coronavirus has disrupted the flow of life, with many employees shifting to work from home. While the transition is not easy for anyone, some find it difficult to stay sane while working from home with your dog.

Imagine your furry pal running around in your home office. Well, the idea may sound appealing at first. But it would be terrifying when you are trying to meet deadlines or when your dog drags you out of the critical online conference or barks incessantly during a crucial meeting.

Having pets while working from home is a deadly combo that can quickly leave you frustrated and troubled.

Read on for the most effective methods to stay sane when working from home with your dog.

Maintain a work-life balance  

Perhaps, the most apparent secret to staying sane is to set clear boundaries between work and home. Without it, you might find yourself collapsing, overstressing, and running behind schedule.

To cope, you need to set up both a proper schedule and dedicated home office space. Your home office need not be fancy or grand, but it needs to be at least a small area with the necessary equipment. Its purpose is to isolate you from the home-life mentally and physically. It will keep you focused, aligned, and sane.

With clear boundaries, you can deal with both your work responsibilities and your dog’s needs. Setting up a separate office space also helps reduce distractions.

Teach your dog the new norms  

When working from home with your dog, revise your dog’s schedule to meet your work schedule. For example, be sure to take your dog for a walk before your workday begins and use your coffee breaks for a quick game of fetch or a trip outside so your dog can go potty.

Spending your workday sitting on the chair of your home office is an ideal work practice now. Most employees adore the flexibility and feasibility of working from home. 

If you have adjusted to these new norms, then your dog also needs to do so. It’s natural for pets to be confused and expect their human friend to be available for playtime all the time. That’s why you need to educate your dog about the new normal.

As a pet parent, revise your dog’s schedule to meet your work routine. For example, be sure to take your dog for a walk before your workday begins and use your coffee breaks for a quick game of fetch or a trip outside so your dog can go potty.

Teach your pets that they must not disturb you while you are working. Some people may use the reward and punishment method to teach them. Understand what works best for your dog. A new toy, a treat, or a mat covered with peanut butter can keep your dog occupied during a conference call. Or you could put your dog in his crate or put him in another room while you work.

Provide entertainment

You can’t ask your pet to wait outside and do nothing, right? You need to keep them engaged and entertained.

And for that, you need to upgrade your pet’s toy collection. Replace the old squeaking and chewy toys, which your dog no more enjoys playing with interactive toys and puzzles. These will direct the unused energy of your dogs to good use and will enhance their mental capabilities.

Note that dogs are highly playful and energetic creatures. Unspent or unused energy can drag them deep into depressive spells. Thus, deteriorating their mental and physical health. For that very reason, engaging them in energy-consuming and constructive activities is a must.

Another effective way to keep your pet entertained is to bring in a new companion, be it a dog or a cat. You can bring in whichever pet you think will best accompany your furry pal. We recommend bringing in another dog because this way, they can engage in physical games like chasing one another.

Enjoy weekends while working from home with your dog

Work from home increases an individual’s capacity to complete more assignments in the same time frame as in a 9 to 5 office job. That realization can lure many remote workers into making some extra dollars by making more use of their computer desk.  

However, this lure can quickly transform into greed. One can work non-stop, even on weekends. If you are in this scenario, then please stop yourself. 

Remember, your dog needs your attention. And you need to maintain your health too. In case you cannot postpone your deadline on an assignment, you can easily get writing assistance online. So, when weekends arrive, take out some time for yourself and your furry pal. Play with them, go outdoors, and enjoy!

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