3 ways to help animals in need


Help animals in need by donating your time, money, or car.

Not every creature is as lucky as your beloved pet. Some animals have been through hell. However, the luckiest ones end up at an animal shelter and get rehabilitated and ready to become a happy pet again.

If you love animals and can’t give one a home, there are plenty of ways you can help local animal shelters and humane societies. Below, here are three excellent ways that you can help animals in need.

Donate your car

We are going to start with a slightly strange one that you may not have thought of. Some people will want to sell a car themselves, and that’s fine. But if you are not really in the mood for the stress and time commitment that comes with this, you can donate your car to help animals.

Animal charities will take your car and sell it for you. What they make from that sale will then go towards funding animal rights, care, and protection. After you exchange all the details, they’ll even pick it up to for free. There are dozens of organizations that accept the donation of cars, including the Humane Society of the United States.

If you are interested in donating for an animal charity this way, then do some research before you hand over your keys. Check the requirements of what vehicles are accepted. Some places will also receive the car even if it doesn’t run anymore. Others may allow you to take tax deductions from the donated vehicle.

Make a donation

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a gift is a simple cash donation. These are simple and easy, and the money goes straight into providing for the animals or towards improving the shelter. There are several ways you can gain the funds to make such a donation if you don’t have the money spare directly.

  • Bake sale: Set up a little stall at the front of your house or organize one at a public get-together. Team up with others to sell cakes, brownies, and other handmade goodies. A bake sale is a great way to get small children involved.
  • Birthday money: If you feel like giving back on your special day, why not ask for cash donations to an animal charity for your birthday?
  • Small giving: if you have some money and want to help, make a straight donation to the shelter of your choice. Even if it is only a few dollars, shelters will appreciate it.

There are many other ways to make monetary donations, and these are just a few ideas to get you started.

Provide other assistance 

You may not have spare cash, but you might have a blanket or some extra cans of pet food. Consider helping some critters more directly. You can always gather things like:

  • Pet food
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Treats
  • Pet beds

Give these items to the shelter of your choice instead. If you buy them yourself or set up a donation drive, the shelter will be more than happy to have these items.

You also could donate some time by volunteering. This isn’t like a job, and you won’t be paid, but you will get to take care of many animals that need some TLC.U

You also can foster animals until they are adopted. The animal you take in will benefit massively from living in a home environment with people around.

Get involved

No matter what you do or how you choose to contribute, a shelter will be more than happy to accept help. You will be getting the critters on the right path to finding a new forever home, and comforting them along the way.


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