Everything you ever wanted to know about the fluffy French bulldog

The Fluffy French bulldog has longer hair than most bulldog varieties. Otherwise, they are similar to bulldogs in appearance and behavior.

French bulldogs can adapt quickly and are one of the most sought-after pet dog breeds worldwide. Contrary to their appearance, these dogs are gentle, cheerful, playful, and social. They also make great indoor pets because of their small size.

While most bulldog breeds have short fur, the fluffy French Bulldog gets its name from its long, thick fur.

Unlike a classic French bulldog, a full fluffy dog possesses two copies of a recessive longhair gene called L1 or L4. Expert breeders use two bulldogs with these genes to breed more fluffy bulldogs.

While these dogs may be more expensive than short-haired bulldogs, they possess the same personality, temperament, and physical characteristics as all bulldogs.

Mixed breed

Fluffy French dogs are a mixed breed. Their origin is believed to have resulted from cross-breeding between native French dogs and English Bulldogs. While they are not an original breed, they are rarer than regular bulldogs.

They are coveted and, therefore, expensive. Experts used techniques and tools like breed testing to study the genetic history of these dogs. Owners can also get certificates of their authenticity.

Physical features and personality

The physical features of the fluffy bulldogs are very similar to that of other bulldogs. They look predominantly like the famous English bulldogs. The dogs are small and typically have pointy ears that stand up. They also come in several shades of brown, black, and white. 

The dogs generally have skin with extra folds and are short. The ear and nose of these bulldogs are darker than the rest of the body. They possess a charming, playful disposition. These bulldogs typically enjoy the company of pet owners, other persons, or other dogs. They are social creatures and can get along with other pets you may have.

The dogs enjoy plenty of exploration, social interaction, and physical activity. Experts assert that it is critical to meet their diet and exercise requirements. The adult dogs are less than 15 cm tall and weigh up to 50 pounds. The muscle structure is thick and dense. The dogs could develop joint issues and other physical conditions without a balanced diet and physical activity.

Food requirements 

A fluffy French bulldog spends a lot of time exploring and engaging in physical activity. A protein-rich, carb-rich diet is ideal for your dog. However, you may want to avoid overfeeding your dog. Bulldogs are highly vulnerable to obesity and other related illnesses. It would be wise to consult an expert before settling on a diet plan for your dog.

The dogs usually enjoy meat, fish, and eggs, with the occasional surprises. Some fluffy bulldogs are carriers of the gene and do not have long hair. The dogs have an underbite, but this does not hinder the bulldog’s ability to eat. It’s essential to consult your vet before choosing nutritional supplements or special pet foods for your bulldog.


Fluffy French bulldogs are highly affectionate creatures. Traits like aggression and anger are rare unless provoked. Suppose you own a fluffy bulldog; spending ample time playing and interacting with your bulldog is vital.

Research has also shown that fluffy bulldogs benefit from social interaction, affection, and mental stimulation, helping them live longer. 


The average lifespan of a healthy, fluffy French bulldog is between 8 to 10 years. Your bulldog typically attains total growth and physical maturity when they reach around 50 pounds or 23 kg weight. Some fluffy bulldogs are ready for breeding by around age 3. However, the most common breeding age is around 5 to 6 years.

Climate and environmental conditions

The fluffy French bulldog can adapt to a wide range of weather conditions. However, they may not thrive in freezing climates.

While fluffy bulldogs have longer fur than most other bulldog varieties, they cannot survive in freezing weather. The respiratory system, digestive system, and cardiovascular system of bulldogs are not strong enough to handle frigid weather. 


Fluffy French bulldogs are not the most intelligent dog breed, but their intelligence level is above average. The dogs have profound emotions and are quick learners.

Should you get a fluffy French bulldog?

Fluffy bulldogs have longer hair or fur than most other bulldog varieties. These dogs are very similar to other standard bulldogs in physical appearance and behavioral traits. It’s vital to understand these dogs’ diet and exercise requirements if you are planning to buy or adopt a fluffy French bulldog.

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