7 unexpected pets that get along great with dogs

Some exotic pets like parrots can coexist with your dog if you are careful about introducing them and monitoring their interactions.

In many homes, the thought of interspecies friendships might seem far-fetched. Many have grown accustomed to having a single pet species in a household.

Yet, pet ownership dynamics are changing. Your home could be the place for remarkable friendships between different species, changing how people think about pets.

So, why not open the door to the potential camaraderie between your dog and an exotic pet?

This article will introduce you to seven fascinating pets that could quickly become your dog’s newest playmate, adding fresh, vibrant nuance to your household.


While you’re exploring exotic pets, a particular fluffy creature might pique your interest. The chinchilla, native to South America, is becoming popular as a pet in many households. Chinchilla pets, much like other rodents, are nocturnal, social, and energetic animals.

They need a spacious cage for exercise and interaction outside it. With patience, dogs and chinchillas can form a respectful bond. However, supervised playtime is paramount so both species can socialize safely. 

While they’re known to coexist peacefully with dogs, you must remember that chinchillas are a type of rodent, a prey that a dog might instinctively chase.

Consideration of the dog’s breed is crucial when bringing a chinchilla home. Some toy or small breeds, such as the Japanese Chin, Bichon Frisé, and other small breeds, interact better with smaller animals because they have a low prey drive.

Hunting dogs, on the other hand, are less likely to stay still in the presence of a chinchilla.

Guinea pig

Another friendly and docile rodent that can form bonds with dogs is the guinea pig. These social creatures can adapt well to dogs, provided there’s a gentle and gradual introduction between the two. Guinea pigs can be prey animals, so it’s important to have a dog breed with a low prey drive. Golden and Labrador Retrievers are good choices because they have soft mouths.

Dedicate one room in your home to put your guinea pig’s cage where your dog can’t enter. This offers your little pet an area to rest and relax. A stressed-out guinea pig could become sick, adding to more problems.


Known for their intelligence and vibrancy, parrots can form intriguing relationships with dogs, especially with breeds from the toy and herding groups. They live well with dogs in most homes, provided you take the proper precautions. Their ability to mimic sounds might even intrigue your pup.  

However, you should always supervise interactions to ensure the safety of both pets. When introducing your dog to your pet parrot for the first time, keep the bird in its cage while your dog is on a leash. That way, both animals have enough safe distance from each other.


For those households with pups that have a calm demeanor, rabbits can make excellent companions. These gentle creatures are social, love to play, and can complement a dog’s personality well. However, monitor their interactions closely, as rabbits can be skittish around more energetic dogs. 

Breeds with naturally calm demeanors, such as the Shih Tzu or the Bulldog, might be better companions for these gentle creatures.

But even if you have a pup with a low prey drive, training them not to chase your rabbit is crucial. The benefits include easier management and better social behavior, which is essential when introducing a new pet at home.


Consider a ferret if you’re looking for a lively and playful pet that can live with dogs. With their shared playful habits, ferrets can form a strong bond with canines. However, never leave them unsupervised; they’re small and can easily get hurt.

If you want to build a bond between the two animals, raising them together from a young age might help. Puppies and ferret kits will grow side by side and learn how to interact and adjust to each other.

Chinchillas and dogs can coexist, but be mindful of the dog’s breed. Some toy or small breeds have a low prey drive and interact better with smaller animals.


For those looking for a low-maintenance pet to coexist with their dog, lizards such as leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and blue-tongued skinks can be an interesting choice. These pet reptiles can easily live alongside dogs, provided their habitat is secured from curious canines. 

Unlike the other pets in this list, lizards are predators. But note that despite their peaceful demeanor, they can fear dogs and other large creatures, including you. Ensure you keep your pet lizard in its cage during the early stages of getting to know your dog.  

Loud barks and growls may scare reptiles away, so it’s worth considering a lizard as a pet if your dog isn’t particularly loud. This is more likely with breeds such as Cavalier King Charles Spaniels rather than Huskies and Chihuahuas.

Sugar Glider

If you have a non-sporting toy breed dog, you might want to consider adding a sugar glider to your household. This tiny marsupial thrives on social interaction and can get it from a friendly, docile dog. 

It’s best if your dog isn’t a hunting breed or sighthounds like Salukis or Greyhounds. Training them to leave your sugar glider alone is possible, but their inner nature could manifest. Remember that your pet sugar glider enjoys socializing with more docile animals.  

Consider an exotic pet as a new companion for your dog

Your home’s harmony isn’t limited to single-species companionship. With careful introduction and supervision, various exotic pets can coexist wonderfully with your dog. 

Keep in mind that each pet has distinct needs and characteristics.

Therefore, educating yourself about their specific requirements and monitoring their interactions is vital.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll create a diverse and harmonious animal-filled household. Embrace these unexpected friendships and champion interspecies harmony.


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