Dogs and habits that they should learn


Make sure your dog has good manners. Teach your pup basic commands including come, go, walk on a leash, and leave it.

For many pet owners, it is not only vital that their pets behave in public places, but it is also essential that their furry friends develop good dog habits inside the home. Read more about how pets commonly behave on this site here.

Developing new behaviors are hard especially for strays that are “used to doing the old way.” But when you are the mom of four-legged Bruno, and you decide to give him your best shot, then you can surely succeed in teaching specific actions.

If you are one of the moms or dads of dogs who want to improve the quality of your pets’ life, then it is vital to start early or teach your pets while they are still cute pups. Most of the owners might be too cautious and would not want to upset their puppies by doing regular check-ups or walking them. However, these activities are essential, and they will learn that these exercises are a normal part of life.

Train your dog early


Start training dogs when they are still puppies, very much like people teach babies. If your dog has good dog habits, they should come when they hear their names, know the when is the right time to eat, behave while walking on a leash, and learn to respect other animals and humans.

The behavior of canines often reflects their master’s abilities. If a master can control their pets’ impulses well, especially around strangers, then they are considered skillful and effective owners. Another important thing that a pet should learn is not to eat any food off the ground. In addition to this, they should not beg under the table when their masters are eating.

Tactics to use for better learning

Both your tone and volume are key when communicating with your dog. Always try to use a calm voice when training.

The good news is that you can start today to make your pet follow the rules. This will make living together pleasant and easy for everyone in the household. If you know that your puppy can hugely benefit from etiquette lessons, you might want to employ these techniques in teaching the right habits:

Practice every day

You need to identify the new behavior that you want to change and practice it every day. If you want your pet to walk without tugging the collar, then you need to have patience. There are harness and collars that are made for fewer injuries and pleasant walking experience. You can know more about them here.

Use praise

Your dog wants to hear compliments, and they know when you feel adoration for them. You can start praising them for every good behavior that you see. Make sure to use an enthusiastic voice and reflect happiness on your face. Call them by their names and pat them. Scratch their ears and tell them how proud you are that they learned a new skill that you are trying to teach.

Give rewards

Your dog would love treats and surprises from time to time. You can give their favorite cookies accompanied by praises. These small attempts at communication can show them that they are doing good, and they will be encouraged to continue what both of you have started.

Important tricks to teach your dog

Instilling good dog habits can take time and lots of patience.


The best time to call your furry friend is before meals. It would help if you gave her a consistent name before he sees you opening their sack of treats. When you often repeat these, he’ll start to realize that hearing his name means that you want him to make a beeline for you. Additionally, you can add rewards such as bone or other delicious food every time he goes to you when you call. Every time you use food for compensation and a generous amount of raise, expect that your dog’s ears will undoubtedly twitch whenever he hears your voice.


Use commands such as “crate” or “place” when you want your pet to go to sleep. This is helpful when they are a nuisance, and they won’t want to leave under your feet. Use mats and rugs where you can train your pet to sit on command or lie down. You should be able to move the mats from room to room. The best way to lure your pet is to praise them and give them something to eat whenever they go on the rug.


When walking using a leash, expect that even smaller pups can pull you off balance. You must learn how to control your furry friend instead of the other way around. It would help if you tried to walk them while they are on the left side of the road. Walk quickly and talk to them while doing so. When they behave, stop for a minute, give them a pat or a treat, and then go ahead. Keep this up until your dog can consistently keep up with your pace.

Leave it

There are times when dogs scavenge and hunt in any place accessible to them. They are natural hunters, but they might find some toxic chemicals or other dangerous things while scavenging. One thing that you can do is to teach them to “leave it.” Offer a reward whenever they go to you, and they will know that tastier treats are better than scavenging piles of rubbish.

Instilling good dog habits can take time and lots of patience. But when you have established the rules that they should follow you, you teach them to respect your authority. When they can sleep on time, leave you when you command them to, and don’t attack strangers when you say so, life gets easier in the household.

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