Everything you need to know to start a dog training business

To start a dog training business you need two basic things — the skill of teaching hounds and a love for animals. Business skills are a plus.

Do you love training dogs? Have you seriously thought about opening a dog training business franchise but don’t know where to start? This guide could help you in this excellent venture. 

The truth is that starting a canine training franchise is not as complicated as many people think. For starters, you need two basic things — the skill of teaching hounds and the love for animals. The skill of running a business is a plus, but it’s not a must — you can learn as you go. 

Now, the trade itself is lucrative. It’s one industry that is here to stay for as long as people have pets. So, if you’re interested in this profession, you’re on the right path.

These are the things you need to know when starting a dog training business.

1. Showcase your skills and experience

For success in any trade, skill and experience are a must. Dog training is no exception. You must be familiar with the various techniques of handling mongrels non-violently. You should be well-versant with canine behavior for hounds of different personalities, breeds, and ages. Experienced dog trainers know that pups respond differently to different teaching techniques.

You don’t necessarily need formal training to open a dog training franchise. However, you may need to display your credentials and certifications to earn people’s trust. The best way to gain hands-on experience is to complete an apprenticeship with a reputable trainer where you may work as any of the following: 

  • Groomer 
  • Pet sitter
  • Boarding kennel supervisor 
  • Doggie daycare operator
  • Show handler
  • Dog walker 

2. Finances are important

A pooch training trade is relatively cost-effective to run. To communicate with clients and market your services online, you only need a phone and computer with an internet connection. That’s pretty much it on the marketing side.

You also need to consider how you will finance your enterprise. A good business plan should be the first thing on your mind before starting. Next, you will need a place to train dogs, which needs financing.

You can rent a place for a few days a week if you don’t want to sign a long-term lease. You could also use a local park or a fenced yard to save costs on location. This brings us to the next crucial point.

3. Location is everything

The location of your services could make or break your business. It makes no sense to start a dog schooling venture in an area with no pet owners. Find a place where your services are needed. 

4. Determine your rates

Now that you have a location, finances, and everything set up, you need to figure out the types of services to offer and the corresponding rates. Research is very crucial when determining rates.

The cost of services varies depending on your expertise, the number of canines in your class, and the location. , Your prices need to be slightly lower or comparable to other existing area businesses to attract new clients. Most trainers offer a half-hourly and hourly rate for private training lessons.

5. Promote your business

You’ll need to knock on many doors before your business picks up. The most effective way to promote a dog training business is by word of mouth and referrals.

Another option is to network with pet sitters, veterinary clinics, dog walkers, and pet boutiques. 

Aside from being potential clients, they can vouch for you, which is key to the success of your business. You could also offer compensation for referring clients and family members to your business.

Launch your dog training business

If you have run a business before, a dog training company shouldn’t be difficult. Generally, it can take a while before revenue and clients start streaming in when any business is new. But as long as you love what you do and you’re good at it, it’s only a matter of time.

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