7 ways to keep your dog safe at home


Keep your dog safe at home. Start by looking at your home through the eyes of a dog to identify the risks. Use gates, pens, containment systems.

The security of our pets is essential at all times, and our vigilance can’t stop when we are at home. Your dog faces several risks while at home. So, how can we do our best to keep our dogs safe at all times? Here are seven ways to keep your dog safe at home.

A wireless containment system for the yard

The best place to start is with a security system around the home. If your dog gets out of the house and is alone in the yard, there has to be a secure boundary in place. This could be a physical boundary, such as a fence or a wall, but this isn’t always practical or permitted in all neighborhoods. That is where a top wireless dog fence can help. Set up an invisible boundary with a transmitter and collar to stop dogs from straying too far.

A pen in your living room

Then there are the times when we worry about our pets getting into trouble in the home while they aren’t supervised. This is where it can be helpful to put up pens in a safe room of the house as a form of containment. For example, you can set up a penned area with their bed and toys in the living room to stop them from getting into the kitchen while you are cooking or cleaning. This is great for pups that can be a little too curious about their new home, which leads to the next point.

Dog-proofing the kitchen

Dog-proof your home in the same way that you would child-proof it. Keep anything dangerous – such as chemical products and hazardous foods – out of the reach of curious paws. Put them in higher cupboards or behind child-proof locks. Watch out for cords on the floor too that they might want to chew on as this can also be dangerous.

Dog gates between rooms and floors

Another effective form of containment system for the home is the dog gate. This is an excellent barrier between rooms and even better on staircases. You can keep dogs upstairs away from strangers and parties with no risk of them injuring themselves trying to come downstairs.

Screening on railings and landings

With that in mind, also look at the gaps in the railings on landings and banisters. Could your dog fall through? Some pet owners have decided to redecorate their landings to minimize any risk. Consider if it is worthwhile putting up mesh or some other type of screening.

A surveillance system

Another consideration for the home for busy pet parents is some form of a surveillance system. You can get feeding stations with video monitors so you can be sure that your dog got their meal while you were away. But, this isn’t always enough for everyone. A webcam and security system can keep a close eye on your pup and property for your peace of mind. There are some smart systems out there that can stream to your device and may even have a form of 2-way communication.

Microchips, tags, and collars

Finally, it is essential to look at broader security issues. Whatever protective measures that you implement to try and protect your dog, there is always the risk of a freak incident. There could be a time where a system fails, or someone accidentally leaves the door open. Accidents and mistakes happen, and you need to be prepared. That is why it is crucial to invest in microchipping and a good collar for your dog no matter what. These tools are essential for reuniting dogs and owners in cases of lost pets and thefts.

Consider the best options to keep your dog safe at home

If you are about to get a new puppy or bring home a rescue dog, take some time to install the security measure you think are necessary. Pens and gates are a great starting point, and dog-proofing the kitchen is better done now rather than after an accident. Look at your home through the eyes of a dog and look for the risks. Take your time to create the safest environment possible.


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