9 customizable gifts for dog owners that go beyond the usual treats

Matching outfits and accessories might be one of the cutest customizable gifts for pet owners.

You could hand a dog owner a gift card to their favorite pet store and we’re sure they’d be happy as ever to receive it. But there will come a time when you want to give a more creative, thoughtful gift to a friend, family member, or another person in your life that loves their dog dearly.

That’s where customizable gifts come into play. There are so many things you can personalize with a pet’s name, portrait, or something else that symbolizes a person’s relationship with their furry friend.

Before we suggest creative custom gift ideas for dog owners, let’s touch on a few scenarios where personalized gifts can be incredibly impactful.

Who are customizable gifts perfect for?


Anyone with a dog would probably enjoy a personalized gift. Giving a gift that’s truly representative of a person’s love for their dog can be quite meaningful to them.

If you’re a business owner, you can give employee wellness gifts that support holistic health.  When employees are mentally, physically, and emotionally well, they’re more likely to be highly productive and engaged in their roles.

Experience-based gifts can be particularly great for addressing employee wellness, especially if they are pet-friendly. You can help your employees nurture personal passions and engage in self-care by giving them certificates for dog-friendly yoga classes or vacations.

Customizable pet products are great teacher appreciation gifts. They’ll be especially smitten with personalized pet clothes, collars, picture frames, food bowls, or leashes with their dog’s name or picture gifted to them during teacher appreciation week or on any day you want to thank them for their dedication to teaching our youth.

There are so many other scenarios where customized gifts for the dog owners in your life would make a difference. But which ones should you give?

Creative customizable gift ideas for dog owners

You can customize nearly anything these days. Think about what the dog owner values or uses a lot, and see if it can be personalized with something pet related. If you need some ideas, here are seven to get you started.

Personalized pet portrait

Have you seen those funny portraits of dogs portrayed as characters like kings or driving cool cars? What about hand-painted portraits of dogs that are life-like? How about animated pet portraits or digital illustrations?

Personalized pet portraits are growing in popularity and come in many different ways by a variety of artists. Send in the picture of the pet you want the portrait for and you’ll have a unique masterpiece to gift within weeks.


Despite the emergence of smart refrigerators with digital touchscreens embedded in them, many families still use magnets to display things like schedules, important notes, and their children’s artwork on the fridge.

A set of magnets personalized with favorite or funny faces their dog makes is a clever and cute gift idea for the dog owners in your life.

Coffee mugs are great canvases for customizable gifts. If a friend or family member enjoys a cup of coffee or two every day, consider getting them a coffee mug with their pet’s portrait on it.

Engraved dog tags

Engraved dog tags can be for both the pet and the pet owner. You can engrave a set of dog tags with the dog’s name, owner’s address, and phone number that the dog can wear.

You can also engrave a set of dog tags with the dog’s name and photo for the owner. Make what’s on the front of the dog tags match, and you’ve got a cute gift set to give.


If you’re looking for a gift for someone who has a pet and wears jewelry, consider customizing some of their favorite jewelry items.

For instance, you could design a ring that has their dog’s name or initials on it. You could create a photo necklace that has their favorite picture of them and their dog in it. 

Or, you could make a charm bracelet with charms that represent all the things they love about their dog.

Matching outfits and accessories

There might not be a cuter gift to personalize for pet owners than matching outfits and accessories. Granted, matching outfits and accessories aren’t for everyone.

But for those that enjoy dog fashion, there are many options. Consider some of the following:

  • Hats
  • Shoes
  • Vests
  • Jewelry
  • Sweatsuits
  • Jackets and outerwear

Coffee mugs and kitchenware

Coffee mugs are great canvases for customized gifts. If a friend or family member enjoys a cup of coffee or two every day, consider getting them a coffee mug with their pet’s portrait on it.

Or maybe you could cover it in nicknames the owner has for their dog.

In addition to coffee mugs, think about other kitchenware you could customize, like cutting boards, aprons, shot glass sets, and slow cookers.

Phone case

People have their phones with them all the time. And the smart ones have them in cases. A customized phone case is a practical and creative gift idea for pet owners.

They can keep their phones secure and their dog beside them even if they aren’t physically there.

Choose the phone size and kind of case you want, and then add photos and/or other elements that will remind the owner of their dog.

Final thoughts on customizable gifts for dog owners 

Creative custom gift ideas for dog owners are in abundance. Think about what the person you’re giving a gift to would really want and see if there are ways to personalize it with something about their pet.

Miles Oliver is a proud dog lover and an outdoor enthusiast. He often writes on his patio with a hot cup of tea and his 4-year-old border collie mix by his feet. When Miles is not working as an independent freelance writer, he is most likely mountain biking and roaming the great outdoors with his four-legged companion. 

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