Discover 7 adorable Saint Bernard mixes

Saint Bernard mixes, like the Saint Bernard-Siberian Husky mix, carry the appealing attributes of Saint Bernards combined with the characteristics of another breed.

Saint Bernards are one of the cutest and friendliest working dogs you’ll ever find. These furry giants are popular for their family-loving and playful nature.

But, these dogs:

● Grow up to be 28 inches – 30 inches in height

● Can weigh up to 180 pounds

● Could be emotionally and socially demanding

● Can have difficulty surviving in warm weather

Because the dogs can get so large, Saint Bernard mixes might be better for you than an original Saint Bernard.

The mixed breeds carry the appealing attributes of Saint Bernard combined with the characteristics of the cross and often provide traits that the original breed does not.

Now, what do we mean by that?

Well, that’s what’ll we’ll be explaining in this post. We’ll introduce seven super adorable Saint Bernard mixes, compare them with the original, and demonstrate how the mixed breed could be a perfect fit for you.

Mini Saint

Mini Saint is a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Saint Bernard. Cocker Spaniels grow up to be 17 inches, while Saint Bernards grow to be 34 inches. Consequently, the Mini Saint has a maximum height of about 19 inches, making it relatively small.

Nevertheless, this Saint Bernard mix does not have reduced maintenance needs. You’d have to feed a mini saint pup 10-15 times a day and spend more time grooming their thick coat. Plus, Mini Saints rank a 2/5 in terms of health. They may face issues that the original parents’ breeds do not.

On the upside, however, their small size makes them an excellent option for tiny houses and apartments.

Unlike the original St. Bernard, these dogs are also comparatively emotionally and socially independent.

In terms of lifespan, the mix lives longer than a Saint Bernard but lesser than a Cocker Spaniel.

Saint Bernewfie

This one’s got a unique name, right?

It’s unique in its attribute too! Saint Bernewfie is a mix of Saint Bernard and Newfoundland. This Saint Bernard mix is a medium-sized dog that grows up to 29 inches and weighs around 165 pounds when completely grown. The dog lives up to 10-12 years and comes in the following colors:

● Black

● Brown

● Black

● Black and brown

In terms of temperament, Bernewfie is quite a sweet and loving dog. It requires company for most of its time, so it’s an excellent pick for anyone seeking easy-to-maintain companionship. Be it the elderly or the kids.

Saint Berhusky

Evident by the name, Saint Berhusky is the cross of Saint Bernard and Siberian Husky. Since both the parent breeds are super cute, Saint Berhusky is no exception.

This Saint Bernard mix features thick tricolor black, brown, and white coats. Plus, their eyes are either a warm brown of the Bernard or distinct blue of the Husky.

These are medium to large dogs. But their frame resembles the Husky more as compared to Saint Bernard. Plus, they are a little bulky. In terms of health, they are healthier than the mini saints and can live up to 10-12 years.

As for the temperament, these dogs are friendly. But we do not recommend these to households with children or people with hectic schedules. That’s because Berhuskies are free-spirited, intelligent, and slightly stubborn dogs requiring proper training and attention.

Saint Bermastiff

Saint Bermastiff combines a Saint Bernard and Mastiff, making the dogs intelligent and curious.

This Saint Bernard mix is a good fit for a household with teens and preteens. They can learn a lot of tricks and are easy to train. Plus, their friendly nature makes them safe companions for children.

In terms of size, however, they are more or less the same as a Saint Bernard. Plus, they also have a similar lifespan and maintenance needs.

Saint Bullnard

The Saint Bullnard is a St. Bernard mixed with Pitbull. This mixed breed comes with a perfect balance of playfulness and discipline.

You can expect the dog to play well, along with cats, dogs, and other pets. You can even entrust them with your kids. The dogs will protect and play both. We recommend early and careful training because these dogs can be big and strong.

Saint Chownard

It is a mix of Chow Chow and Saint Bernard and happens to be incredibly adorable. It takes the facial features of the Chow Chow and the physical build of Saint Bernard. And so, this mix appears younger than its age.

Saint Chownard is easy to maintain. And it’s typically well-behaved. However, owing to its introverted nature, you can expect the dog to be uncomfortable around strangers.


Lastly, we have the most adorable mix, i.e., the Berdoodle. Evident by the name, it mixes Saint Bernard and Poodle.

It grows up to be only 30 inches. So it is relatively small. However, this Saint Bernard mix is energetic and playful. You can expect this curly-haired pup to keep you engaged for hours.

It’s also friendly and loves attention. Before adopting a Bernedoodle, you should only consider that the pups can be a bit noisy.

Final words about Saint Bernard mixes

Well, that’s not it. There are several more Saint Bernard mixed out there!

If you seek a mixed breed that’s more protective and suitable for serving as guard dogs, consider exploring one of these seven Saint Bernard mixes.

However, if cute looks and a home-friendly pet are all you seek, these seven mixes above are a good option.

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer passionate about writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

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